Mum of seven, 33, was ‘swimming naked in the ocean after a night of “wild sex” when she suffered a seizure and died’ man charged over her death claims

Witnesses who were called to help Lynette Daley as she lay passing on are relied upon to give prove at the NSW trial of two men charged over her demise and assault.

Ms Daley was swimming exposed in the sea following a night of ‘wild sex’ when she had a seizure and quit breathing, a man blamed for her homicide revealed to NSW police.

Adrian Attwater, 42, said he dragged her from the water with co-charged Paul Maris, 47, preceding beginning CPR and calling triple-zero.

The crown asserts Ms Daley, 33, seeped to death from wounds managed in a sex demonstration with the men amid an outdoors outing to Ten Mile Shoreline in January 2011.

Attwater has argued not blameworthy to homicide and bothered rape. Maris has argued not liable to exasperated rape and ruining the disclosure of confirmation.

The combine looked for help as the sun rose. Maris drove up the shoreline until the point that he found an angler, prosecutor Philip Strickland SC told the NSW Preeminent Court at Coffs Harbor on Tuesday.

He said Attwater made a ‘very late, urgent, froze call to triple-zero’ yet it took around 50 minutes for paramedics to touch base at the remote shoreline.

Those people on call are relied upon to give confirm at the trial on Wednesday.

Mr Strickland said Attwater told an emergency vehicle officer the trio had ‘a wild sex session’.

‘I saw the blood and the scent was ghastly so we were going into the sea to wash,’ Attwater professedly said.

The jury is because of visit the shoreline on Friday to give them a ‘feeling of its detachment and withdrawal,’ Mr Strickland said.

The trial proceeds.

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