Writer and Director Victoria Napolitano Announces Short Film Submission to Cannes Film Festival in France

Victoria Napolitano is excited to report that she is presenting her fresh out of the plastic new short film to the 2017 Cannes Film Celebration.

Napolitano’s short film, Piano Dresses, highlights Joshua Frederic Smith, Lilian Rosenblum, and Vladislava Skortsova and a plot that demonstrates the decision a man needs to make with regards to love.

The film was shot in spellbinding areas including Saratoga, California; Slant Town, Lake Tahoe; Cupertino, California; San Jose, California, and Los Gatos, California.

“The background for this film must be Manor Montalvo, a noteworthy historic point worked in 1912 in Saratoga California it acknowledges and underpins human expressions,” said Napolitano. She goes ahead to remark, “The film begins with one of my most loved lyrics composed by Elizabeth Akers Allen in 1912, ‘Shake Me To Rest’ a lyric my mom read to me as a kid. Regardless I sat on the floor gazing toward her as she read it to me again and again.”

Piano Dresses will offer a similar imaginativeness and sentiment that Napolitano meshes into every last bit of her works. She anticipates having her short film included at the 2017 Cannes Film Celebration.


About The Victoria Napolitano

Victoria Napolitano is the overseeing accomplice of The Victoria Napolitano Assemble which is the umbrella brand of the Victoria Napolitano Shopping System (VNSN.TV), Mademoiselle’s Opulento Dolci, and extravagance life, form, and wedding magazines.

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