New Zealand Rocker Merv Pinny Addresses the Effects of Refugee Immigration through Song

The principal strains of Merv Pinny’s new tune “OB Would You be able to Hear the Youngsters Cry” are throbbing electric guitar and a driving beat. As the tune proceeds with, the full profundity and expansiveness of the verses turn out to be clear – in what manner can any world pioneer keep on letting war uproot kids? Pinny’s grungy shake harmonies intensely challenge audience members to go to bat for what they accept is correct.

The going with video’s connecting with pictures incorporate a multitude of faceless corporate suits walking interminably towards the camera, the frightening clear gaze of a man in a gas veil, and youngsters caught behind the steel fence of a displaced person camp. Together, they make a startling affirmation of the current progressing compassionate emergencies happening internationally. Pinny is not substance to stop at simply conveying attention to the issue. All returns from the music will profit different foundations that serve kids in emergency.

Pinny’s follow up to “OB Would You be able to Hear the Youngsters Cry” is set for discharge soon. The objective of the single is to keep the discussion about the harming impacts of war on kids going until there is an answer. “OB Would You be able to Hear the Kids Cry” and it’s follow up will be accessible on Pinny’s site, and on his YouTube Channel.

About Merv Pinny

Merv Pinny, a stone and move writer/artist from New Zealand, has been playing music since he was 10. At age 15 he exited school to take a shot at a homestead amid the day, and to play music around evening time. His practice prompted a main 20 single, designations for Best Nation Shake Collection at the New Zealand Music Honors and Best Vocals at the Waikato Shake Grants, and a win at the Waikato Shake Grants where his single “Fate” was named Best Shake Single of the Year. Merv’s most recent venture takes his melodic ability and utilizations it to address convenient world issues of the impacts of war, fear mongering and outcast migration on kids. For updates on Merv’s music go to

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