Alan Russell of Tecma Group of Companies Selected as One of the Top Speakers at MexicoNOW Event

Tecma Advertising has quite recently gotten word that Alan Russell, Chief and Organizer of The Tecma Gathering of Organizations will be one of the top speakers at the MexicoNOW occasion that is centered around “Maquiladoras in the Trump Period.”

Tecma Gives Free Visitor Goes to Tecma’s Visitors

Choices about Mexico Assembling are under the magnifying lens with the move of new administration in the US. MexicoNOW is giving this auspicious and vital open door for organizations and people to get present data on such issues as NAFTA, levy discourses, changes of Washington’s positions on Mexico, and so on.

Our unique subject this year will be MAQUILADORAS IN THE TRUMP Time. Our speakers and boards of industry players and examiners will talk about the real and potential impacts that the new Trump organization will have on the Maquiladora and fare enterprises of Mexico.

All people who wish to go to this convenient occasion and get Free Visitor Passes can do as such by taking after these basic directions:

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ABOUT: Mexico’s Assembling Production network Summit 2017 at El Paso, TX is a one of a kind open door for driving OEMs in Mexico and potential providers to meet and recognize new business accomplices. In the meantime, through meeting sessions and contextual investigations, members will take in the most recent advancements in assembling and production network progression in Mexico. Mexico’s Assembling and maquiladora enterprises are developing fundamentally and the car, aviation, hardware, electrical and medicinal areas need to extend their supply base.


On the occasion site is a posting of key speakers. Among the speakers is Alan Russell, Organizer and Chief of the Tecma Gathering of Organizations. Alan has arranged a discourse, “NAFTA IN Movement” where he will talk about, from direct field learning, how he sees the exchanges about conceivable NAFTA changes.

B2B Gatherings:

The Store network Summit will coordinate potential purchasers and providers in pre-organized, balanced, private gatherings. The program will permit members to distinguish new potential business accomplices and demand gatherings in light of their decisions.

OEMs will have a perpetual B2B area all through the occasion and providers will visit them in agreement to 20-gatherings plans. This organization will make it extremely productive for purchasers and providers to meet up, system and make new business associations.

Meetings: Industry specialists and producers with offices in Mexico will make introductions all through the occasion to help newcomers and experienced officials shape their business, exchange and assembling systems in Mexico. You will get notification from industry pioneers about the entrancing development and the chances to take an interest in the blasting car, aviation and gadgets enterprises esteem chains in Mexico. You will increase further learning about OEMs store network arranges in Mexico, producing cost lessening choices, licensed innovation security and work and monetary patterns influencing remote firms in Mexico.


For the individuals who won’t have the capacity to go to this vital gathering, we will give a video recording of Alan Russell’s introduction. To get the video and the latest data on “NAFTA IN Movement” visit our Blog all the time at:


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3. Fill in the shape asking for the Free Video

The Tecma Gathering of Organizations was framed in 1986 and gives administrations to organizations outside to Mexico that desire to work together in Mexico. Customer organizations are not elite to the US and incorporate European, Canadian and Asian organizations also. Tecma gives administrations to seventy such organizations and gives staffing of seven thousand workers in both Compact disc. Juarez, Mexico, and Cd. Tijuana, Mexico.

The Tecma Gathering of Organizations, Inc., headquartered in El Paso, Texas, gives benefits that have empowered firms of fluctuating sizes from an extensive variety of businesses to build up and keep up Mexican assembling operations requiring little to no effort and lessened hazard for more than three decades. Under its Mexico Shield Producing Association (MSMP), organizations control and concentrate on their center, esteem included capacities, while Tecma keeps an eye on their human asset, finance, bookkeeping, coordinations, and other non-fabricating however basic, errands.

The peruser can get useful Mexico fabricating content by cell phone by SMS messaging “Tecma” to 96000, or by downloading the Tecma Aggregate versatile application from Google Play store or iTunes. Notwithstanding its current Mexico areas, Tecma is presently offering its administrations for makers in Tijuana and in the Condition of Baja, California. Extra data is accessible at

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