Flying “the Hump” in World War II

In its speakers arrangement at Crowell Open Library, the San Marino Verifiable Society introduces quarterly history talks concentrating on subjects particularly chose for occupants of San Marino. On February 27 at 7:00 p.m., all are welcome to experience World War II from one who was there. Jeff Arnett will discuss his administration in Asia including a three week flight shape the Assembled States to India, his administration in Burma and China, and intersection the celebrated and risky “Protuberance.” As indicated by Wikipedia, the “mound” was “…the name given by Associated pilots in the Second World War toward the eastern end of the Himalayan mountains over which they flew military transport air ship from India to China to resupply the Chinese war exertion of Chiang Kai-shek and the units of the Unified States Armed force Aviation based armed forces situated in China. Making a carrier displayed the USAAF an extensive test in 1942: it had no units prepared or prepared for moving freight, and no runways existed in the China Burma India Theater for basing the vast number of transports that would be required. Flying over the Himalayas was greatly risky and made more troublesome by an absence of dependable diagrams, a nonappearance of radio route helps, and a deficiency of data about the weather.”*

Jeff Arnett is resigned from fifty years in the speculation business, fifty years of private plane guiding and fifteen years as a docent at the Palm Springs Air Historical center. Lately, he has come back to model railroading and a restored concentrate on golf where he has figured out how to “shoot his age” four of the previous five years. He was conceived in Los Angeles and has dwelled in the Pasadena-San Marino zone since 1930. He moved on from South Pasadena Secondary School in 1943, only one day before entering the Armed force Air Corps. Subsequent to filling in as a vehicle pilot in Burma and China for a long time, he came back from the administration to move on from USC. Jeff last addressed the Chronicled Society on the Pacific Electric Organization and his experience riding the Red Autos. On January eleventh he praised his 92nd birthday.

Come to Crowell Open and find out about this captivating some portion of World War II history from a unique source. No reservations are required. For data on the San Marino Verifiable Society call (626) 304-9375 or email


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