Training for 2032! Boomer Phelps steals his dad’s thunder in adorable Huggies commercial ahead of the Olympian’s race against a shark

In front of Michael Phelps’ race with an Incredible White on Sunday night, his little child got his own particular TV make a big appearance with a shark.

Boomer Phelps stars in a charming new Huggies business for swimming diapers where the 14-month-old plays in a pool with his folks and even faces an explode shark.

The advertisement, which was discharged on July 18, starts with Phelps holding Boomer wearing a shirt that says ‘Preparing for 2032’.

As established music plays out of sight, Boomer gets swimming goggles put on his head before he jumps into the pool and into the arms of his father, the most beautified Olympian ever.

The one year old even plays in a sprinkler and beverages from a plastic toy glass.

As Boomer plays in the water with his father and mother, Nicole, words move quickly over the screen.

‘We’re not conceived with enormity,’ the promotion says.

‘It must be earned by taking jumps in the middle of rests. Always coming to while getting teeth and never being afraid of deterrents in your way.’

As those words move quickly over the screen, Boomer faces against an inviting looking Incredible White shark.

The one year old lovably applauds against the grinning teeth of the explode toy as Nicole holds it.

As the promotion proceeds with, it says: ‘Because to end up plainly the best of all time at playing in water, it’s not tied in with being the speediest, it’s about being the cutest.’

Furthermore, Boomer is unquestionably the victor.

Phelps reported his underwriting of Huggies Little Swimmers in May and the promotion was presented on Boomer’s Instagram page on Friday.

The promotion was discharged in front of Phelps’ race against an Extraordinary White shark on Sunday night.

Revelation Direct is commencing Shark Week 2017 with the 100-meter vast water race.

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