Women of Distinction Magazine Selects Dr. Jane Penelope Johnson, PhD as a Distinguished Professional in Her Field

Dr. Jane Penelope Johnson, PhD, Independent Essayist, Artist Laureate, and Musician, has been perceived as a Recognized Proficient in her field through Ladies of Refinement Magazine. Dr. Jane Penelope Johnson, PhD will be highlighted in an up and coming release of Ladies of Refinement Magazine’s Top Ladies in Expressions of the human experience version in 2016/2017.

Passing by her penname of ‘Penny Johnson’, Dr. Jane Penelope Johnson, PhD, has committed her whole profession to the specialty of composing and verse. Starting as a young lady, at 10 years old, she started concentrating on her abilities, and was immediately perceived by her folks, instructors, and neighborhood group in Kentucky where she grew up. Going ahead to seek after her art in school, she moved on from the Well known Essayist’s School in Westport, Connecticut in 1967 and kept on exceeding expectations in the field. Today, she is an expert Independent Essayist, Writer Laureate, and Lyricist who is known globally for her work.

Through the span of her vocation, she has composed various sonnets, a considerable lot of which take into account patriotism and her liking to her Christian ways. She was named Most Appreciated Lady of the Decade and Worldwide Lady of the Year, was incorporated into the 500 Biggest Virtuoso Laureates of the 21st Century, got a Presidential Honor from President George W. Shrub, was regarded with The Emily Dickinson Grant for her lyric, ‘The Wedding’. A few of her distributed works having included ‘Treasury, Cherished Lyrics of America’, ‘A Penny for Your Considerations’, and ‘A Tune for Peace’. Her ballad, ‘The Start or the End?’, was a semi-finalist at The North American Verse Open. Her sonnet, ‘Yell it Out-Undying Verses about the Introduction of Jesus Christ’, was distributed around the world. Some of her verse has likewise been transformed into melody verses.

“Quite a bit of my works have been enlivened by my convictions,” Johnson noted, who is additionally a dynamic Christian Instructor.

Writing her first book in 2004, ‘A Penny for Your Musings’, which was distributed through Writer House, presents many rousing ballads, versus that incorporate themes on nature, cherish, life, passing, theory, and religion.

Given a Privileged Doctorate of Letters from London, Britain in 1993, Johnson appreciates being dynamic with various associations, including filling in as a part and counselor to the Global Society of Artists. She is additionally an individual from National Creator Registry and Celebrated Writers Society.

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