Disabled Navy Vietnam Veteran Demands Jury Trial in Arkansas Marijuana Constitutional Question Civil Court Case, Filed in Van Buren County Circuit Court, Clinton Arkansas! Case # 71CV-16-189

Case # 71CV-16-189

Reed v The Condition of Arkansas; Leslie Rutledge, Arkansas Lawyer General, in her official authority limit as the central law implementation/legitimate officer and legal counselor for the Condition of Arkansas.

This Arkansas Court Case, an “Established Question” is a common activity looking to END CANNABIS/Weed Denial and secure Mr Reeds second Revision Rights in Arkansas and was recorded November 30, 2016 with THE Twentieth Legal Area CIRCUIT COURT OF ARKANSAS, situated in Clinton Arkansas.

Mr Reed by and by conveyed the documenting of the activity to the Legislative head of Arkansas’ Main Insight, Mr Justin Tate the next day, December 1, 2016 at the workplace of the Senator in Little Shake.

Robert Reed is an outstanding Debilitated Veteran, “Cannabis Extremist”, maker of Talk Cannabis and Legislative issues in Arkansas and is going about as his own particular direction in this matter, as he was not able following two years to discover legitimate portrayal that he could bear. He has named his activity the “Cannabis Court Challenge” with #ArCCC.

Mr Reed has been politically dynamic in Arkansas for well over 10 years and has held the workplace of Bad habit and State Seat of the Arkansas Libertarian Party, LP Possibility for Arkansas House in 2016, was the first enrolled residents “Cannabis Lobbyist” in Arkansas, representative for Arkansans Therapeutic Cannabis, creator of the “Arkansas Hemp and Cannabis Correction” for 2014 and 2016 and previous radio host of the Cannabis News and Data radio program that disclosed week after week for very nearly two years on KABF 88.3 FM, Little Shake.

Mr Reed has throughout the previous 6 years effectively tended to the Arkansas General Gathering on the Cannabis Issue in Arkansas with no significant advance being made. He has expressed on various events in advisory group meeting, and to the media that the announcement “Cannabis utilize, ownership, and circulation for any reason stay illicit under government law” is FALSE as well as misdirecting!

His Court Challenge fights that Arkansas State law/s particularly, Arkansas Code:

Title 5 – Criminal Offenses; Subtitle 6 – Offenses Against General Wellbeing, Security, Or Welfare

Part 64 – Controlled Substances; Sub-section 1 – Uniform Controlled Substances Act;

in accordance with the utilization, ownership, and circulation of “Cannabis” and its utilization for “Restorative” or whatever other object, are unlawful, as well as disregard the “Amazingness Condition” of the Assembled States Constitution, and that Obliging him to have Just medicines issued by a specialist who has a practice in Arkansas is an infringement of his Social equality.

The following is a concise rundown of the issues recorded in the Court filings.

1. Arkansas code meaning of “Pot” is in struggle with Government Code, which is an infringement of the U. S. Constitution Amazingness statement.

2. Just a single (1) Cannabis plant is characterized by government statute Title 21 USC, hence all different Cannabis plants except for Cannabis Sativa L are lawful for any reason by oversight.

3. Under Title 18 there is no say of any lawfully acquired medicine for a controlled substance being justification for confining the ownership or buy of a weapon, a privilege ensured by the second Revision of the U. S. Constitution. Ownership of Restorative Cannabis (otherwise known as Weed), with a Specialists Request or Proposal DOES NOT nullify his second Revision Rights under the U.S. Constitution!

4. The Assembled States Government has sanctioned the medicinal and recreational utilization of “Cannabis” in the Region of Columbia, under their control and expert yet deny the offended party, a U. S. Native and inhabitant of Arkansas a similar benefit they allowed to an area of the Assembled States.

5. Under current authorization of Arkansas Title 5 and Title 21 USC, the offended party is banned from developing the rural item “Hemp” of which 98% of all hemp items expended in the Unified States are transported in consequently preventing him the open door from claiming monetary benefit.

6. Under the present requirement strategy of nearby, state, and government specialists in accordance with Cannabis otherwise known as “Weed”, contrasted with the “letter of the law” and because of ambiguities amongst State and Elected code/statutes the offended party is being denied his Protected Rights in entire or to some extent, which are ensured to him by the Arkansas Constitution and the Constitution of the Assembled States.

Extra Data:

Circuit Court Documented Records

Court Brief

Confront Book

Site: www.TcandP.com

Site Court Page: http://bit.ly/2lBkaje

Government Code Data: www.title21usc.com

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