‘I’d rather go back to the war and get shot’: Veteran twins, 84, who survived Nazi occupation in Europe before moving to the US to fight in Vietnam are now living on the STREETS after the bank foreclosed their home

A couple of 84-year-old twins who survived Nazi occupation could soon get themselves destitute.

Clifford and Gary Koekoek moved from their local Netherlands after the Second World War to California and looked for some kind of employment in Hollywood.

Be that as it may, in the wake of applying for a new line of credit that cost them their home, the siblings are confronting the possibility of living in the city.

‘At this moment, I’m destitute. Some of the time we don’t eat,’ Clifford told Fox40.

In 2007, the siblings – who are Vietnam War veterans – needed to settle the rooftop on the house they purchased from their mom in Orangevale, California.

They say it’s been in the family since 1984.

‘We took an advance feeling that we had a standard mortgage,’ Gary told Fox40.

Be that as it may, indeed, it was a movable rate credit, which means their installments got higher after some time.

In the end, the Koekoeks were not able bear the cost of making installments and the bank dispossessed. They needed to turn to resting in their auto.

The siblings say they now invest the greater part of their energy simply strolling. Both log numerous hours at the Sacramento Open Library in Orangevale. Gary generally pores over deed records, endeavoring to figure out how to recover their home.

Family companion Aaron Hoemer set up a GoFundMe page to help out the match, who have no surviving nearby family, discover lasting lodging.

Up until now, $2,765 has been raised out of a $5,000 objective.

‘It’s anything but difficult to stroll by and not take a gander at their circumstance but rather on the off chance that you stop and converse with some person, everyone has a story,’ said Hoerner.

The two say they discover the circumstance overpowering and have depicted their present pickle to be ‘like damnation’.

‘It’s a great deal of stress. I’d rather backpedal to the war and get shot at than this poo,’ said Clifford.

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